Teeth Whitening

Having a beautiful smile may be even easier than you think. Many people achieve the look they’ve been dreaming of with our simple “bleaching” procedure.

Bleaching is the process of tooth whitening, whereby, gels with whitening agents brighten the color of the teeth. These agents are a combination of gel binders, hydrogen peroxide and carbam peroxide. Children, age 17 or under, may not have professional bleaching performed in our office, unless there are presented extenuating reasons considered on a per need basis, as well as, written parental permission. There are three ways to bleach teeth: OTC-At Home; Custom Trays; and In-Office Whitening.

OTC-At Home: Our office suggests that any patient that is interested in tooth whitening should try at least one name brand OTC bleaching product first. If they are happy with the whitening results, then they need not pursue the other two methods of bleaching. The greatest benefit is that the patient has saved alot of discretionary money.

Custom Trays: This utilizes clear, flexible, plastic trays made from in office models sent to a professional lab. These trays are carefully loaded with a bleach gel placed with a disposable plastic syringe. The patient wears the trays from 30 to 60 minutes once or twice daily until they obtain the brightness desired. The benefit of this technique, is that our take home bleach is of a greater strength than any OTC bleach providing for a better whitening result. Since it uses laboratory fabricated custom trays, there is very little waste of the gel agent, although the cost is alot more than OTC-At Home systems.

In-Office Whitening: The Olin Dental Group believes this system should only be done when the patient wants the brightest and fastest results regardless of cost. This is the most expensive bleaching system, so therefore, we present the following value added items:

  Zoom from Discus Dental – This is the standard for bleaching systems most widely used in America. It has been used on the “Amazing Makeover” on ABC Television. Our office uses the Zoom 2 Whitening Machine, which is the most advanced, fastest, effective, and comfortable bleaching system. This procedure takes 45 minutes to perform.

Custom Trays – In addition to Zoom 2 bleaching of the patient’s teeth, we provide lab fabricated custom trays. Several days after the initial Zoom procedure, the patient receives the set of trays and an entire bleaching kit for take home bleaching.

Additional Adjunct Products – Our office provides the patient with a large tube of Crest Vivid Tooth Paste, a large tube of Fluoridex antisensitive Toothpaste, a box containing a tube of bleach and a tube of antisensitivity gel, and an instruction sheet.

Follow-up Office Visits – Our office will follow up with the patient to assure the patient’s full satisfaction with the bleaching procedure. Some patients need to use the home bleach with their custom trays right away for a short period of time, in order to obtain maximum whitening results.